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Rahmati Barakatullah

Nonresident Fellow, Afghanistan Policy Lab


Barakat Rahmati is a distinguished diplomat and adept analyst with a deep-seated commitment to human rights and the peace process in Afghanistan. Educated at the UK's esteemed Royal College of Defence Studies and holding a master's degree from King's College London, he currently enriches the Afghanistan Policy Lab at Princeton’s SPIA as a non-resident research fellow. His storied career includes pivotal roles as the chief of staff at the Foreign Ministry and as a deputy ambassador/senior diplomat in Doha, Qatar; Washington, DC; and Islamabad, Pakistan. Notably, in Doha, he led the critical analysis and oversight of the Afghan-Taliban peace negotiations. Earlier in his career, he also played a crucial role in the negotiations of the Afghanistan-U.S. Bilateral Security Agreement. Barakat's profound experience in managing sensitive initiatives and his strategic contributions to policy solutions underscore his expertise in navigating complex geopolitical terrains, making him an invaluable asset in advancing the cause of human rights, peace, and democracy in Afghanistan.