Graduate Admissions Timeline 2015

Jan 16 2015
Application Processing

Once you submit your application you may log in to the online portal to review your activity and to check the status of your supporting materials. We review each application and will notify you if we find that anything is missing; you do not have to contact us to ask if we have all of your materials. This process takes several weeks. The order in which your application is processed in the system has no bearing on your admission decision.

Admission Decisions

If you receive an offer of admission you will also receive a second email from the Office of Information Technology with information on how to activate your account so that you may log in to review the financial details of your admission and submit your decision.

If you are waitlisted you will receive an email from the Graduate School. The School does not rank its wait lists. You do not need to do anything or submit additional materials. We will notify you on or before May 15, 2015 to let you know whether or not we are able to admit you from the wait list.

If you are denied admission you will receive an email from the Graduate School. We do not reconsider admission decisions; however, you will be free to appy again in the next cycle.