Undergraduate Program Staff

Paul Lipton
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Administration
111 Robertson Hall

The Senior Associate Dean for Academic Administration oversees both the graduate and undergraduate curricula and its overseas programs, manages the teaching and operations budget, serves as advisor to undergraduate students, supervises the staff of the program office, and directs the funding of student thesis and fieldwork. The Senior Associate Dean also serves on the faculty committee that governs the undergraduate program.

Elizabeth Choe
Director, Undergraduate Program and Career Services
110 Robertson Hall

The Director of the Undergraduate Program manages the day-to-day operations of the Undergraduate Program, implements strategic department policies, facilitates special projects and workshops for undergraduate students, and advises undergraduates on their degree progress toward graduation. The Director also provides career advice for students interested in pursuing public service internships and assists them in securing fellowships and jobs in government and nonprofit organizations.

Jennifer Skillman
Academic Coordinator, Undergraduate Program
114 Robertson Hall

The Academic Coordinator's responsibilities include the administrative oversight and management of the School's undergraduate courses, the management and distribution of thesis research and internship funding, and oversight of the department budget. The Academic Coordinator is also responsible for the maintenance of confidential student information, including grades and degree progress.

Georgette Harrison
Administrative Coordinator, Undergraduate Program
112 Robertson Hall

The Administrative Coordinator provides administrative support to all facets of the Undergraduate Program. The Administrative Coordinator manages the concentration declaration process, handles general student inquiries and maintains the department website, database, and a number of student list-servs. Other responsibilities include maintaining confidential student records and oversight of the department budget. The Administrative Coordinator also manages the senior thesis process from beginning to end and schedules the departments’ senior comprehensive exams.

Zacharia Ahmed
Academic Adviser, Undergraduate Program and Career Services
113 Robertson Hall

Zacharia serves as SPIA's undergraduate academic adviser. Zacharia advises undergrads on their degree progress toward graduation, refers students to appropriate resources across campus, and provides supplemental career advising. He also serves as our lead administrator for graduate/undergraduate mentoring programming and events.