group of students in a lecture hall

Policy Workshops

Policy workshops provide students with an opportunity to use the analytical skills they acquired in the first year of the program to analyze complex and challenging policy issues, usually for real-world clients.

The goal of the workshops is to understand a policy issue in great depth and to make policy recommendations that are both creative and realistic, given the relevant institutional and political constraints. Each workshop consists of eight to 10 students who work in teams to evaluate a policy challenge. Most students engage in field research during the fall break period. Each workshop produces a final report and gives a presentation to the client, typically by the end of the fall semester.

Fall 2021 Policy Workshop Topics and Faculty Instructors

SPI 591a: Narrowing Wealth Gaps through Homeownership Opportunities - David Kinsey 

SPI 591b: Behavioral Insights for Policy: Mitigating the Effects of Vaccine Hesitancy - Varun Gauri

SPI 591c: Diplomacy and Protracted Conflicts - Ambassador Dan C. Kurtzer

SPI 591d: Puerto Rico’s Debt Restructuring - Eduardo Bhatia

SPI 591e: Affordable Care Act - Heather H. Howard and Daniel J. Meuse

SPI 591f: Global Supply Chains and Geopolitical Risks - Jake Shapiro

SPI 591g: Climate Adaptation and the Coasts: Managed Transition - Guy Nordenson