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In Spring 2023, the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA) opened a new center in Washington's Dupont Circle neighborhood. This will be the first time in the University’s history that its policy and international affairs school has had a dedicated, physical presence in the nation’s capital, and the investment reflects the School’s strategic priorities.

  • Elevate the policy relevant work of our faculty.
  • Establish a greater SPIA identity in Washington.
  • Connect our students, faculty, and research centers directly to public policy constituencies in the federal government, on Capitol Hill, and among think tank, nongovernmental, academic, and diplomatic communities>.
  • Develop and lead initiatives on contemporary policy issues.
  • Provide a convening space for Princeton and SPIA events, seminars, and private gatherings with policymakers and leaders from across these communities.
  • Have a space for alumni networking and engagement opportunities and other professional and career-development activities.
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