Minors and Certificates

Minor in Global Health and Health Policy

The Program in Global Health and Health Policy allows undergraduates to study the determinants, consequences, and patterns of disease across societies; the role of medical technologies and interventions in health improvements; and the economic, political, and social factors that shape domestic and global public health. The two-year program begins in the junior year and is open to undergraduates from all departments.


Heather H. Howard
Office: 182 JR Rabinowitz
Phone: 609-258-9709
Email: heatherh@princeton.edu

Jessica Metcalf
Office: 239 Wallace Hall
Phone: 609-258-4949
Email: cmetcalf@princeton.edu

Urban Studies

The Princeton School of Public and International Affairs collaborates with the Schools of Architecture and Engineering to offer an undergraduate Certificate in Urban Studies. The program involves an interdisciplinary framework for the study of cities and metropolitan regions. Students must pass either one of two gateway courses with a grade of B or better. In addition, students must complete three urban-related elective courses: one in the social sciences, one in the humanities, and one in the natural sciences or engineering. A list of approved electives is updated each academic year on the Program in Urban Studies website. Senior theses must cover an urban topic approved by the program director or an Urban Studies faculty member.


Mario Gandelsonas
Office: S110 Architecture Building
Phone: 609-258-8221
Email: mgndlsns@princeton.edu

History and the Practice of Diplomacy

The Program in History and the Practice of Diplomacy offers undergraduate students the opportunity to pursue an interdisciplinary study of history and diplomacy. This program is open to freshmen, sophomores, and juniors from all departments. Students must complete one core course and four additional courses on topics of relevance. Two of these must be in the Department of History in international, global, diplomatic history, or ancient history, and two in the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs, Department of Politics, or other departments.

The required internship usually takes place during one summer and should be with a suitable government agency or nongovernmental organization, domestic or international. An internship could include research in thinktanks as well as activities described as people-to-people diplomacy.


Michael Reynolds
Office: 105 Jones Hall
Phone: 609-258-0256
Email: mar123@princeton.edu

Thomas A. Shannon, Jr.
Office: 3-C-2 Green Hall
Email: tshannon@princeton.edu

Other Princeton University Minors

In addition to the three minors offered by the School, majors can obtain minors in many other departments. To learn more, click here.