Fields of Study

All MPA students are required to select a field of concentration when they enter the School, but the curriculum allows flexibility for them to tailor their studies toward their specific career goals.

Field I: International Relations

Field I emphasizes the nature of the international system and ways in which states conduct their foreign policies, particularly in a global environment where nonstate actors have increasing influence.

Field II: International Development

Field II is concerned with low-income countries and transition economies as they pursue development strategies under a wide range of political regimes and economic conditions. Field II both overlaps and complements Field I.

Field III: Domestic Policy

Field III emphasizes U.S. domestic policy, with the American political system as the backdrop.

Field IV: Economics and Public Policy

Field IV stresses both the analysis of economic problems that prompt public policy decisions and the study of the economic effects of various policies. Students are expected to master the fundamental principles and tools of economic analysis and to develop the ability to assess and apply the results of professional economic studies. Field IV overlaps the other three fields but goes beyond the traditional study of policy issues by providing more intensive training in the economic analysis of public policy. Some students choose between a domestic or international focus.