GDSC Seminar on "New Overhyped Technologies and Weapons: The Effect on Media and Political Decision-Making"

Date & Time Apr 09 2021 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
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Markus Schiller
Michael Kreuzer
Audience Restricted to Princeton University

Join LISD’s Seminar on Global Diplomatic and Security Challenges (GDSC) for a session with Mr. Markus Schiller and Major Michael P. Kreuzer on "New Overhyped Technologies and Weapons: The Effect on Media and Political Decision-Making." The seminar will address the role of emerging technologies on military systems, looking particularly at the global hypersonic and directed-energy weapons race and its impact on political decision-making by regional powers. GDSC is a yearlong interactive seminar for graduate and undergraduate students led by Founding Director, Wolfgang Danspeckgruber. 


This session is for Princeton University ID holders only and rsvp is required.