News Clips: Week of Feb. 2-8

Feb 03 2015

The following is a compilation of media clips in which WWS faculty members have been mentioned, cited or quoted. This list is updated weekly. If an item is missing, please email, and we will add it promptly. 

Atif Mian
Pak Prime Time (quotes Atif Mian)

New York Forum (quotes Susan Fiske)
Wall St. Cheat Sheet (quotes Martin Gilens)
Washington Post (quotes Julian Zelizer)
Daily Beast (quotes Alan Krueger)
Bloomberg (quotes Alan Krueger)
Bloomberg (quotes Alan Krueger)
The New York Times (quotes Nolan McCarty)
The Cairo Post (quotes Daniel Kurtzer)

Christie's U.K. trip a 'failure,' presidential scholars say (quotes Julian Zelizer)

UT The Daily Texan (quotes Julian Zelizer)
USC News (quotes Marta Tienda)
WA today (quotes Alan Krueger)
Yahoo News (quotes Alan Krueger) (quotes Uwe Reinhardt)
Yahoo News UK (quotes Alan Blinder)
MSNBC (quotes Julian Zelizer)
The Atlantic (quotes Mark Watson)
The American Conservative (quotes Paul Starr)
Pacific Standard (quotes Keith Wailoo)
The Atlantic (quotes Alan Blinder)
Wall Street Journal (quotes Alan Blinder)
TIME (quotes Alan Krueger) (quotes Alan Krueger)

Christie's 3-Day London Trip Time Enough to Stray Into Trouble
Bloomberg (quotes Julian Zelizer) 

KESQ (quotes Julian Zelizer)
Wall Street Journal (quotes Atif Mian)
BDlive (quotes Alan Blinder)
Bloomberg (quotes Alan Blinder)
The Daily Star (quotes Markus Brunnermeier)
BDlive (quotes Alan Blinder) (quotes Tim Searchinger)
New Europe (features LISD)
PopMatters (quotes Eldar Shafir)
Forbes (quotes Alan Krueger)
Slate Magazine (quotes Alan Krueger)
The Express Tribune (quotes Atif Mian)
Huffington Post (quotes Alan Blinder)
Albany Times Union (quotes Markus Prior)
RU Daily Targum (quotes Julian Zelizer)
The New Yorker (quotes Alan Krueger)
Wall Street Journal (quotes Alan Blinder)
Algemeiner (quotes Daniel Kurzer)
Bloomberg (quotes Tim Searchinger)
CNN (quotes Julian Zelizer)
The New York Times (quotes Alan Krueger)
eurasiareview (written by Seyed Hossein Mousavian)
USA Today (quotes Alan Krueger)