News Clips: Week of Jan. 19-25

Jan 19 2015

The following is a compilation of media clips in which WWS faculty members have been mentioned, cited or quoted. This list is updated weekly. If an item is missing, please email, and we will add it promptly. 

Sacramento Bee (features Edward Felten)
Salon (quotes Julian Zelizer)
Tyler Morning Telegraph (quotes Sara McLanahan)
The New Republic (quotes Shirley Tilghman)
Sydney Morning Herald (quotes Alan Krueger)
Bangor Daily News (quotes Alan Krueger)
Slate Magazine (quotes Alan Krueger)
Mondoweiss (quotes Daniel Kurtzer)
Scientific American (quotes Julian Zelizer)
Bloomberg View (quotes Julian Zelizer)
Scientific American (quotes Julian Zelizer)
Bloomberg View (quotes Julian Zelizer)
Washington Times (quotes Michael Oppenheimer)
CBS News (quotes Alan Krueger)
Las Vegas Review-Journal (quotes Alan Krueger)
KYTX (quotes Alan Krueger)
Yahoo News (quotes Alan Krueger)
Vanguard Dahlonega (quotes Alan Krueger)
Bloomberg (quotes Alan Blinder)
Washington Post (quotes Markus Prior)
Fox Business Network (quotes Christopher Eisgruber)
The New York Times (quotes Daniel Kurtzer)
Boston Business Blogs (quotes Alan Krueger)
The Boston Globe (quotes Michael Oppenheimer)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (quotes Alan Krueger)
USA Today (quotes Alan Krueger)
Washington Post (quotes Alan Krueger)
Foreign Affairs (op-ed coauthored by Jacob Shapiro)
BusinessWorld Online Edition (quotes Harold James and Markus Brunnermeier)
Chronicle of Higher Education (quotes Cecilia Rouse)
CNN (quotes Julian Zelizer)
(features Keith Wailoo's book)
Planet Princeton (features Stanley Katz) (features Atif Mian)
National Review Online (features Stephen Kotkin)
World Tech Today (quotes Michael Oppenheimer)
The Straits Times (mentions Markus Brunnermeier)
The Week Magazine (quotes Martin Gilens)
Stanford University News (cites Jacob Shapiro)
TIME (quotes Julian Zelizer)
Huffington Post (features Alan Blinder, Mark Watson)
Newsweek (quotes Eldar Shafir)
Planet Princeton (features Cecilia Rouse)
Business Standard (features Stephen Kotkin's book)
Newsweek (cites Alexandre Mas)