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#PolicyProfile: Yamini Sarangi MPP '23

Mar 17 2023
By Brittany N. Murray
Source Princeton School of Public and International Affairs

“I spent the initial nine years of my career working in some of the most remote tribal-dominated areas in the state of Odisha in India. My work was primarily in development and revenue administration with the goal of implementing various state government projects. Many of these were health-related, including those regarding maternal and child health where, along with the Chief District Medical Officer of the district, we would review the implementation of these public health projects. During those years, I got the direct experience of seeing how socioeconomic status affects health outcomes, and after completing my field postings, I opted to work in public health specializing in universal health coverage. Since 2019, I have worked with the Health Department under the Government of Odisha in the public sector corporation of Odisha State Medical Corporation Limited, which is the nodal agency for procurement, storage, and supply of medical items, drugs, and equipment to all the government healthcare facilities. These facilities, which range from primary healthcare facilities to tertiary facilities at medical colleges and hospitals, provide medical services free of cost.

During the pandemic of COVID-19, I had to face the challenge of procurement during periods of acute scarcity of critical items like masks, PPEs, test kits, etc. I am grateful for that opportunity to play my tiny role in the government's efforts to save people's lives during the pandemic."
Yamini Sarangi MPP ’23

I’m taking a year-long sabbatical to complete the MPP program and came to Princeton to get this cross-country exposure to public policy and policy implementations from the American experience. I wanted to get some specific input on topics like negotiations, development, the comparative political economy of development, and the evolution and diffusions of macroeconomic ideas, which I felt I could gain at SPIA. After graduating, I intend to return to India and work more deeply towards strengthening universal health coverage in the country.”

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