Zacharia Ahmed

#PolicyProfile: Zacharia Ahmed, Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Aug 14 2023
By Brittany N. Murray
Source Princeton School of Public and International Affairs

I've been in higher education for the past ten years, starting as an undergrad at @fduwhatsnew, where I was part of a student-athlete mentoring program.

My academic advisor at the time liked how I dealt with the students, and being a first-generation student, I was able to share some guidance and help to students in similar situations. I knew that if I didn't have the support I had going through college and high school, I definitely wouldn't be where I am now. I could see the impact I could have on a student, and passing the knowledge down was very fulfilling.

Seeing my students from when they get into school and face the struggles and obstacles and challenges that they have, and ultimately succeed, is why I love advising.
Zacharia Ahmed, Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Most recently, I came from the Stevens Institute of Technology, where I worked as an assistant director of admissions. I'm excited to be back in a space where I'm focusing on the student advising piece, ensuring a student’s success from starting in a program to graduation. What's most exciting about being at @PrincetonSPIA is the type of work the students are doing, the type of research, and the kind of proposals they have for their thesis or the different research projects they're doing. They are doing some amazing work, and I only realized the scope of things once I got in the office and started hearing the conversations about things happening here at SPIA. My position here is a brand-new role, and being able to make it my own or utilize experiences I've had in the past to make it what I think it needs to be is exciting. Whenever I get to a new role, I always try to seek out another program I could take on or a degree I can take on. I'm hoping that's something I can do while here at Princeton as well, utilizing my free time to enhance my professional development and continue to grow and build myself up.

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