Happy New Year

Jan 01 2021
Graduate Admissions Office

Happy New Year!

2020 was a year full of challenge and change for us all.

What gives me hope for 2021 and beyond is the SPIA community—past, present and future.

I am truly excited and humbled by the extraordinary interest in our community this year. We hit milestones in pretty much every dimension, including in applications submitted.

Thank you, very sincerely, for your interest in our community. Thank you for giving us the chance to get to know you through your application.

Our review process is underway and will wrap up in mid-March, when we release our admissions decisions. While the wait is hard, rest assured we commit to reading your application with as much care and attention as you put into writing it.

Stay safe. Be well.

Photo credit: Denise Applewhite, Princeton University, Office of Communications