International Students

Jul 27 2018
Steven Petric MPP '17

The Princeton School of Public and International Affairs has a good mix of domestic and international students in residence during any given year. We welcome students from all backgrounds; each unique perspective adds to the learning dynamic within our cohorts!

We are often asked by international students about life in New Jersey. Does Princeton have a community in which I would feel welcome? How many students from other countries do you have in your programs? Am I a competitive applicant if I come from country x? 


Don’t believe me? We ran the figures, and from the year 2000 I can confirm the following:

-      We had over 7,500 applications from international students
-      Of those, over 160 countries and territories were represented

Our community is small. Our cohorts are close. And every year students are pleasantly surprised to learn from one another - including those we welcome from overseas. Each summer, during math camp, we offer a short course on American politics for our international students as a crash-course covering, well, life in the US of A!

We do not have any cut-offs or minimum requirements in our process except for English language skills. Why? Because all our instruction, exams, papers and classroom discussion are in English. And to be an active discussant and participant, strong mastery of English is needed. We assess this in our holistic application review of each file individually. If a student has completed his or her undergraduate coursework at an institution where courses are taught primarily in English, this will meet our requirements. For those students who have undertaken their undergraduate degree at an institution in another language – super, we welcome you too, but with the caveat that you must take the TOEFL or IELTS. The School requires a minimum score of 100 IBT for the TOEFL and 7.0 for the IELTS. 

If you are an international applicant interested in graduate policy studies, we hope you will apply!

Si vous êtes un candidat international intéressé par les études de politiques supérieures, nous espérons que vous postulerez!

Si usted es un solicitante internacional interesado en estudios de política de postgrado, ¡esperamos que se postule!
Если вы являетесь международным заявителем, заинтересованным в учебе в аспирантуре, мы надеемся, что вы подадите заявление!

إذا كنت أحد مقدمي الطلبات الدوليين المهتمين بدراسات السياسة العليا، فنحن نأمل أن تتقدم بطلب!