Keeping Busy during COVID-19

Apr 06 2020
By Graduate Admissions Office

We are sending lots of well-wishes and positive vibes from the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs. Our campus has been actively responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. As many of us have transitioned to working remotely, we miss the beautiful architecture, local eats, and familiar sounds of our campus. Most importantly, we miss the amazing students, faculty, and staff who comprise our community. Our hope is that we all make it through this pandemic safely.

During our time away from campus, we remain active in cultivating a cohort of incoming students. Although saddened we are unable to host our students on campus during Admitted Students Weekend, we are doing our best to highlight what makes the School such a great place; our community.

We understand there are many who read this blog. Some of you are admitted students, future applicants, and even hopeful re-applicants. To all, we thank you for your continued interest in our community. For those who have been admitted, continue to connect with us by sending emails, connecting with our students, and attending our virtual sessions.

For future applicants, this blog offers plenty of helpful content to begin your search. We also invite you to check out our viewbook, connect through email, and schedule a campus visit, whenever it becomes safe to do so.  

Lastly, for those interested in reapplying, we send you lots of encouragement. Our community is small, which means limited opportunities for admission each year. However, there are re-applicants who do gain admission every year. These are students who strengthen their applications by pursuing quantitative coursework, accruing additional full-time professional work experience, and reaffirming their commitment to service. For those interested in re-applying, you should find this post helpful.

Wherever you may find yourself in the world, we wish you peace and good health. We look forward to reconnecting with you soon. Until then, be kind to yourself and others.