Student Spotlight—Guillermo Herrera Nimmagadda MPA ’22

Oct 26 2020
By Guillermo Herrera Nimmagadda

Why did you choose the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs for your Master in Public Affairs?

“I chose the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs because it genuinely fosters a passionate community centered on public service. Policy schools commonly boast that their communities offer unparalleled access to diverse professional opportunities and networks. However, few invest in their students as SPIA does through its generous financial aid and resources. Due to this, students of various backgrounds — especially marginalized ones — can unite here to confront the world’s greatest challenges without the pressure of financial hardship.

I am proud to represent SPIA’s first majority-minority class, though I long for a world in which this is not a milestone. Prior to Princeton, I advocated for open governance, based on a deep-seated belief that people, especially the most vulnerable, deserve to have a voice on decisions that directly affect them. As a DEI Rep, I hope to bring this same spirit to SPIA and help foster an enriching, inclusive community, in spite of the pandemic.”

Picture courtesy of Guillermo.