A year in review

May 23 2023
Graduate Admissions Office

Thank you to all who applied to SPIA this year. It was a true honor to read your files, learn about your accomplishments, and to understand all the ways you are making an impact in your respective communities. Thank you for your commitment. Thank you for your service. The world needs dedicated public servants. Whether you are joining us on campus this summer or continuing your journey elsewhere, please keep serving!

We were excited to get back on the road again this year to introduce our community to new audiences. We held in-person events all over the world hitting Benin, Chile, Colombia, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Italy, Liberia, Mali, Mexico, and Tunisia over the last year. We were thrilled to meet so many of you. We had the largest number of countries represented in the admitted group ever, nearly doubling the countries from last year.

Please continue to check our schedule as we will update this space with our in-person, virtual and hybrid offerings. You need not join us on the road or at one of our virtual events—it is neither a requirement nor a part of our admissions process—but it sure is a good way to learn about our community and what we’re looking for.

We are delighted to be welcoming 108 students to SPIA this summer—10 PhDs, 26 MPPs, and 72 MPAs. They come from 26 U.S. states, 27 different countries (including dual citizens), and 82 undergraduate institutions with 53 different majors. Over 44% of enrolling U.S. citizens or permanent residents self-identify as people of color, and of enrolling students, 55% are women. Across our degrees, 29% are international students. We have strong LGBTQ+ representation, many first-generation or lower-income students (27%), military members, and a myriad of other important identities represented in our incoming class. The future of our community is strong.

Whether you are just learning about our community or are already familiar with our areas of expertise and scholarship, thanks for stopping by our blog! If you feel SPIA is the right place for you, we hope you will consider applying when the time is right. Thank you.