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Democracy in Action Series: Another World is Happening: From Extractive to Restorative Economics

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Date & Time Mar 22 2024 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Department SPIA in NJ
Ayushi Vig
Belén Marco
Adriana Abizadeh
Audience Restricted to Princeton University

In the context of rising wealth inequality, climate change, and declining democracy, communities and institutions around the globe are innovating and building economic institutions that prioritize people and the planet, rather than growth at all costs. In the United States, New Economy Coalition is a network of 100+ organizations building economic institutions rooted in participatory democracy, cooperative and public ownership, and respect for the earth—from community land trusts in NYC to rural electric cooperatives across the South. In conversation with NEC's Narrative Strategy Director, Belén Marco, and NEC Board Member (and current SPIA MPA) Ayushi Vig, we will explore the growing field of restorative economics in the U.S., and broaden our collective understanding of what our economy can look like. We will also explore the important roles that young people with access to institutions of wealth and power can play in supporting our transition to restorative and solidarity economies.


Ayushi Vig & Belén Marco, New Economy Coalition

Adriana Abizadeh, Kensington Corridor Trust

Co-sponsored by: Economics Department - Program for Research on Inequality, The Eviction Lab and ProCES