Do American Voters Really Not Punish Overt Authoritarian Behavior at the Polls? Natural Experimental Evidence from the 2021 Insurrection of the US Capitol

Date & Time Jan 27 2022 12:00 PM - 1:20 PM
Location Wallace Hall
Sam van Noort, Postdoctoral Fellow, Niehaus Center for Globalization and Governance
Audience Restricted to Princeton graduate students, faculty, and fellows

Sam van Noort

I am a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow at the Niehaus Center for Globalization and Governance of Princeton University.

My research focuses on the domestic and international causes of democratization and democratic backsliding. Ongoing work examines the causal effect of industrialization on transitions to democracy; the conditions under which voters do and do not hold state executives electorally accountable for democratic backsliding; and the influence of the rise of China, and the relative decline of the US, on democratization prospects in the developing world. To study these issues I combine both qualitative and quantitative methods, with a somewhat greater focus on the quantitative tools of causal inference.

You can find my CV here and my ongoing research papers here.