Ideas to Articles: Undergraduate Research in Economics, Finance & Policy

Ideas to Articles
Date & Time Apr 09 2024 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Location Friend Center
Cate Brock
Emily Merola
Clement Herman
Shirley Ren
Aaron Ventresca
Luther Yap
Audience Restricted to Princeton University, Registration RequiredRestricted to Princeton undergraduate students

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What defines research? How can undergraduates find research opportunities while at Princeton? Get answers to these questions and more from Princeton Economic Graduate Students. Join us for a conversation about opportunities for undergraduates to get involved with academic research at Princeton, finding research assistantships, skills to succeed, tips on pursuing independent work, and pathways to publication.


  • Cate Brock
  • Clement Herman
  • Emily Merola
  • Shirley (Yilin) Ren ’24 (Economics)
  • Aaron Ventresca ’25 (Economics)
  • Luther Yap


  • Sunrit Panda ’25 (ORFE & Finance), Communications Co-Director, JRCPPF Undergraduate Associates
  • Cherie Jiraphanphong ’25 (COS & Finance), Mentorship Co-Director, JRCPPF Undergraduate Associates

Introduction:  Chase Magnano


Co-sponsored by the JRCPPF Undergraduate Associates, the Economics Undergraduate Student Liaison Committee, and the Griswold Center for Economic Policy Studies.