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MPP Forum: The Long and Grueling Road: Exercising Leadership in Public Administration from a Developing Country with Graciela Muniz (GCD)

MPP Forum Flyer
Date & Time Mar 22 2024 12:15 PM - 1:30 PM
Location Robertson Hall
Bowl 001
Topics Politics
Graciela Muniz '24
Audience Restricted to SPIA graduate students, faculty and fellows

Peru, a Latin American country, holds vast economic potential yet finds itself ensnared in the middle-income trap, a situation exacerbated by widespread inequality and corruption. These issues are closely linked to the structural weaknesses within the public sector, presenting formidable challenges in service delivery. In such a crisis-laden context, the leadership qualities of public servants take on an unprecedented level of importance. At the upcoming MPP Forum, Graciela will offer her reflections on the essential mindset for those embarking on a career in public administration. She will argue for the early adoption of this mindset by anyone aspiring to make a difference in public service. Entry into this field may require passion, but here it is a critical question: Do individuals have the mental fortitude required for sustained commitment and impact?

MPP Forum is a weekly event normally scheduled with lunch* on Fridays during the academic year. It allows each MPP student to showcase their career journey and expertise on policy issue of their choice with the SPIA community. This formal presentation is about 50 minutes followed by Q&A.

*RSVP required. Lunch will be served at noon. We will try our best but cannot guarantee accommodation for all dietary restrictions.

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