Robertson Hall, Scudder Plaza fountain

MPP Forum: Run with Me - Finding Your Path into Politics with Austin Edwards, Esq. *23 MPP

Austin Edwards MPP *23
Date & Time Oct 28 2022 12:15 PM - 2:00 PM
Location Robertson Hall
Bowl 002
Topics Politics
Austin Edwards *23 MPP
Audience Restricted to SPIA graduate students, faculty and fellows


Please join Austin as he explains his planned path into policy-making through a life of service in elected office.  Although this discussion will focus on the nuances of the US domestic political process, Austin hopes that this forum and subsequent discussion will encourage all those in SPIA, Princeton, and its extended networks to use their knowledge and expertise to give back and benefit their communities and society as a whole!

MPP Forum is a weekly event normally scheduled on Fridays during the academic year. It allows each MPP candidate to showcase their career journey and expertise on policy issue of their choice with the SPIA community. This formal presentation is about 50 minutes followed by 20-minute Q &A. 

The MPP Forum is supported by a bequest from mid-career alumnus Christopher Meyer (MCF '83-'84) who was an authority on copyright law in private practice, academia and government.

*Registration required.

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