Reparations in Global Perspective

Date & Time May 03 2022 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Location Labyrinth Books
Anastasia Mann
Audience Open to the Public

Students in the junior seminar, Reparations in Global Perspective will be presenting their research on the following topics:


  • Iraq’s Yazidi Women Survivors law

  • SHARE Act and gender-based violence on elite college campuses

  • Community land trusts as an intervention to address systemic anti-Black housing discrimination

  • Compensation to victims of sterilization in California

  • Care for children of rape in Muslim communities in the aftermath of the Yugoslav war

  • Affirmative Action as moral redress

  • How US policy can address decades of US intervention in Latin America



Sponsored by Labyrinth Books, The Civil Rights Commission and Princeton School of Public and International Affairs.