Special Event: Election Security and Transparency in 2020

Andrew Appel photo
Date & Time Sep 17 2020 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Location Virtual
Speaker(s) Andrew Appel, Eugene Higgins Professor of Computer Science, Princeton University
Audience Open to the Public, Registration Required

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“What can we as voters do to protect our elections and our representative government?”, asks the League of Women Voters of Berkeley Heights, New Providence, and Summit, New Jersey. Some of the answers include, be aware of election processes in use, and if those are inadequate, press for reforms. Be aware of election technology in use, and if that is insecure, press for reforms. Those processes and technology must ensure every citizen has the substantive opportunity to vote, and must count every vote (but just once!). Participate, as citizens, in running and observing elections.  In the 21st century, new technology has led to new challenges in election security and transparency, but the 2020 pandemic has added special challenges of its own.