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Anastasia R. Mann

Lecturer and Founding Director, SPIA in NJ
208 Robertson Hall


Stacy’s work focuses on struggles for economic rights and racial justice by, for, and with communities on the margins of American society. Trained as a historian, Stacy’s interests include reparations and transitional justice, immigrant organizing, access to quality public services, social welfare and social control, kinship, leisure, and mutual aid. Her work is attuned to the ways that gender, race, class, and ethnicity shape structures of opportunity. Mann’s career spans academia (Northwestern, Princeton, Rutgers), research-driven nonprofits (the Russell Sage Foundation, New Jersey Policy Perspective), and the civic sphere (Princeton’s Human Services and Civil Rights Commissions, and the New Jersey Commission on New Americans). Her publications include contributions to The Encyclopedia of Working Class America(Routledge), Flunking Out: New Jersey’s Support for Public Higher Education Falls Short, Garden State Dreams: In-State Tuition for Undocumented Kids (both New Jersey Policy Perspective), and Middlesex County, New Jersey: Crossroads of the World (Rutgers, Eagleton Institute). As Director of the Program on Immigration and Democracy, Mann spearheaded Citizenship Rutgers, a tri-campus collaboration at the state’s public research university, offering free citizenship application assistance to New Jersey’s almost 600,000 legal permanent residents. Stacy’s current teaching centers on the contemporary reparations movement. Her research examines the fresh air movement. Specifically, “fresh air” has smoothed over an awkward contradiction that lies at the heart of the American experiment. Over 140 years, the charity has paired children from historically exploited and under-resourced communities with hosts who zealously protect their privileges but are happy to host a youngster for a holiday. In March of 2020, Stacy worked with neighbors, students, strangers and friends to establish Princeton Mutual Aid, a lively hub of political education, resource redistribution, and connection.