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Globalization — Good Politics, Bad Policy? (Layna Mosley, B. Peter Rosendorff)

Governments around the world are limiting their countries' engagement with the global economy. These anti-globalization attitudes are troubling, especially as the world faces multiple global crises requiring international collaboration from climate change to supply chain production.

Layna Mosley and B. Peter Rosendorff join Dean Amaney Jamal in this episode of the Dean's Dialogue to disentangle the backlash against globalization and consider what’s ahead. Mosley and Rosendorff are based at the Niehaus Center for Globalization & Governance at SPIA, which hosted a conference focused on this topic earlier this year.

Mosley is a professor of politics at Princeton, and her work investigates the connections between domestic politics and the global economy. She’s studied the effects of global supply chains on workers’ rights in developing countries and how U.S. trade policies affect workers’ rights abroad. Another stream of her research focuses on the politics of sovereign debt.

Rosendorff is a professor of politics at New York University and visiting scholar at the Niehaus Center for Globalization & Governance. His research interests include the political economy of terrorism, bilateral trade and investment, sovereign debt, international organizations, and the anti-globalization backlash.

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