Joanna Kovac

#PolicyProfile: Joanna Kovac, Academic Coordinator

Aug 26 2022
By Brittany N. Murray
Source Princeton School of Public and International Affairs

“I was always an avid reader, and I think that played a role in my passion for education. It’s kind of funny that I chose higher ed as a career; no one in my family went to college until my sister. Books made my world bigger. By reading, I got a glimpse of the different places and people out there. To me, education seemed like the pathway to meet those people, go to those places, and do those things that sounded so amazing in books. I was an English major at the University of Pennsylvania. I had a work-study job in an admissions office on campus and got a full-time job in admissions after I graduated.

Joanna Kovac

I thought about law school for a while and even worked at a law firm for a little under a year. I really missed higher ed and realized that was where I wanted to be. I got a job at Temple University and completed my master’s degree there before coming to Princeton. This is now my third position at the university. I work in the undergraduate program office at SPIA, and my two biggest responsibilities are course administration and funding, mainly for internships for our students and senior thesis research.

An amazing part of the job is seeing what students want to research for their theses, the interesting places where they will travel for their research, and the public service internships they’re conducting."
Joanna Kovac

Sometimes when I'm working on funding, a student will mention how they’re so appreciative of SPIA’s funding opportunities because they’re an FGLI student and wouldn't be able to do it otherwise. That always pulls my heart a little bit since I’m also first-gen. People who work in higher ed tend to be pretty happy, especially at Princeton. Other workplaces don’t have the youthful, vibrant energy a college campus does. It’s wonderful to feel that at Princeton. I’m where I’m meant to be.”

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