Martina Bergues

#PolicyProfile: Martina Bergues MPA ’23

Jul 15 2022
By Brittany N. Murray
Source Princeton School of Public and International Affairs

“I think it's very natural to have an interest in public policy when you are from a very unequal country, and growing up in São Paulo, Brazil, inequality is part of daily life. I think I was always searching for a career that would allow me to have an impact on reducing inequalities. Prior to @Princeton, I worked for the São Paulo city government for five years.

When you are in local government, you can see, in your daily actions, how the decisions that you make are impacting a lot of people. In São Paulo particularly, a city with 11 million people, it was a huge scale and a huge responsibility as well."
Martina Bergues

Most of my work with the innovation and technologies secretary, as the director of service redesign and digital services, which was a team responsible for leading the digital transformation of public services in all departments of city hall — health, education, safety, and labor — and digitalizing their public services. I found innovation and digital transformation to be powerful tools to improve service delivery. Something that really attracted me to SPIA was the possibility to take electives related to technology, such as technology and law, public management in the digital era, and machine learning. I thought the MPA could give me a broader perspective on how to deliver results on a larger scale and learn from people from the U.S. and other countries about how to design and implement policy matters.

Martina Bergues


I'm really enjoying the opportunity to study again after some time outside of academia and being able to see and discuss some of the themes that were part of my daily life but from a more theoretical and more strategic view. Princeton specifically is this hub of amazing people where all my classmates are like-minded and trying to make the public sector more broadly work for the people. It's been really inspiring to be surrounded by so many different but also similar people working in different kinds of policies but with the same goals.”

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