Nicholas Lim looking up as he prepares for a Princeton swim meet.

#PolicyProfile: Nicholas Lim ’24

Jan 13 2023
By Brittany N. Murray
Source Princeton School of Public and International Affairs

“I’m originally from Hong Kong, and that’s where I was during the COVID-19 pandemic. I became really interested in the social dynamics of the pandemic because Hong Kong had much stricter regulations and was in lockdown for much longer than other countries. I'm taking a health policy class with Professor Wailoo about the history of pandemics and how policy can prevent future pandemics. I'm also interested in the environment and climate change. This past summer, I worked with Professor Elke Weber on COVID and climate change perception in the U.S. and how that affects policy. Obviously, climate change is particularly relevant to my generation.

My hope is that my Princeton education will enable me to make an impact for the greatest number of people, whether that's through health policy or climate change policy."
Nicholas Lim

"This sense of doing the greatest good for the world was instilled in me from a very young age by my grandfather. He was originally from the Philippines and graduated from SPIA in 1962. I grew up listening to him tell stories of working around the globe with the World Bank. He constantly reminds me that being at Princeton is an opportunity and that there's still work to be done in all facets of life. In addition to academics, I'm a proud member of the Princeton University Competitive Swimming and Diving Team. I fell in love with the sport when I was very young, and still enjoy every moment I get to spend in the pool. I’ve been lucky enough to represent Hong Kong on the international stage, and my ultimate goal is the Olympics in 2024. If I could make it there, it would be a dream come true. I also love my teammates here. They're my best friends on campus.”

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