Politics & Polls #239: Did Bill Barr Corrupt the DOJ? (Elie Honig)

Jul 07 2021
By B. Rose Huber & Hope Perry '24
Topics Politics
Source Princeton School of Public and International Affairs

How did Bill Barr alter the effectiveness of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) during his time as President Donald Trump's attorney general? Elie Honig joins Julian Zelizer and Sam Wang for a deep dive into the DOJ and a discussion of his new book, "Hatchet Man: How Bill Barr Broke the Prosecutor's Code and Corrupted the Justice Department,” released July 6.
Honig worked as a state and federal prosecutor for 14 years, trying cases including human trafficking and violent and organized crime. He’s now a CNN legal analyst, a writer for the online news outlet CAFE, and a special counsel for the firm of Lowenstein Sandler, LLP.