Politics & Polls #38: Unraveling the ‘Trump-Russia Saga’

Apr 06 2017
By B. Rose Kelly
Source Woodrow Wilson School

As the investigation into Russia’s interference with the 2016 U.S. election continues, President Donald Trump continues to call the story “fake news,” “phony,” and “a total scam,” mostly by way of Twitter. He also continues to try to change the conversation by making groundless allegations, particularly his claim that President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower.  

What do we know for certain about Trump’s connection to Russia? And what else might be revealed as the Senate and House intelligence committees continue their investigations?

To better unravel this ongoing news story, Professors Julian Zelizer and Sam Wang interview Sarah Kendzior, a St. Louis, Mo.-based commentator who writes about politics, the economy and media. The crux of the conversation stems from Kendzior’s recent article, “At long last, a forum where Trump cannot escape the truth."

Kendzior is currently a columnist for the Globe and Mail, where she focuses on U.S. politics. She also is the U.S. correspondent for De Correspondent, a Dutch news outlet. Previously, Kendzior was an op-ed columnist for Al Jazeera English, where she wrote about exploitation, particularly in higher education, the diminishing opportunities of America’s youth and gentrification. She also has covered internet privacy, political repression and how the media shape public perception.