#Changemakers: Alumni Making a Difference

Nov 06 2020
Cecilia Elena Rouse, Dean

One of the most important elements of effective policymaking we try to teach our students is the art of collective deliberation and decision-making. We’re able to do this through classroom discussions, simulations, policy taskforces and workshops, and first-hand wisdom imparted by distinguished guest lecturers. But, our alumni out in the field have these experiences every day.

That’s why we launched a new series: #Changemakers: Alumni Making a Difference. We interview SPIA undergraduate and graduate alumni truly changing the world, and get to the heart of how they’re able to break down barriers to make change happen. They share their passions, current initiatives, lessons learned, and how their education at SPIA still helps them today. Soon, we’ll be turning this series into a podcast, as well.

Community Profiles page and across social media. These are remarkable individuals working to improve outcomes in childhood development, income inequality, health care, election security, race relations, and much more.


#Changemakers: Alumni Making a Difference

Angel Padilla MPA ’13

Christina Henderson MPA ’12

Mellody Hobson ’91

Terri Sewell ’86