CISS Open House

Date & Time Apr 14 2022 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Location Robertson Hall
Shultz Dining Hall
Lynn Lee, CISS Student Director
Audience Restricted to Princeton University

Join us at the CISS open house to learn about the Center and the fellowship opportunity. Desserts and beverages will be provided at this event.


The Center for International Security Studies (CISS) provides a home for the study and debate of national and international security at Princeton University and supports a variety of educational, research, enrichment, and outreach activities with the intent of generating new knowledge on issues of fundamental importance and educating the next generation of strategic thinkers and decision makers. It also seeks to establish research and policy links with other institutions around the world. Professors Aaron L. Friedberg and G. John Ikenberry serve as Co-Directors of the Center.


Currently, we are recruiting around 30 undergraduate and graduate fellows for the 2022-2023 academic year. The Student Fellows Program is designed to incorporate selectees in the full range of CISS’ research and student activities. Fellows design and lead major SEI projects, interact with security scholars and policy leaders from across the university, and contribute to the Center’s events and research. Undergraduate and graduate students who already possess an extensive background in security studies and have a serious interest in pursuing further studies or a career in the field are encouraged to apply.