Gendered Disinformation, Online Extremism, and the Erosion of Democratic Values

Kristina Wilfore
Date & Time Nov 14 2023 12:15 PM - 1:30 PM
Kristina Wilfore
Audience Open to the Public

This lecture explores the intersection of gendered
disinformation, online extremism, and the erosion of
democratic values, focusing on the increasing abuse and
harassment faced by women in politics. It highlights the role of
gendered disinformation campaigns in undermining women's
credibility, discouraging their political careers, and inciting
violence, both in the United States and globally.
Kristina Wilfore is a seasoned international development and
elections professional having worked against authoritarian
regimes around the world for organizations such as the National
Democratic Institute, International Foundation for Electoral
Systems, and USAID grantees - designing and implementing
large-scale election integrity, conflict mitigation, civil society
and disinformation defense programs. She is co-founder of
#ShePersisted, a global, feminist initiative to tackle gendered
disinformation and online attacks against women in politics and
Global Democracy Advisor to