News Clips: Week of Jan. 26 - Feb. 1

Jan 26 2015

The following is a compilation of media clips in which WWS faculty members have been mentioned, cited or quoted. This list is updated weekly. If an item is missing, please email, and we will add it promptly. 

Harvard Political Review (quotes G. John Ikenberry)
Atlanta Black Star (quotes Susan Fiske)
St. Louis American (quotes Julian Zelizer)
CBS Local (quotes Julian Zelizer) (quotes Julian Zelizer)
The Verge (quotes Alan Krueger) (quotes Alan Krueger)
Health Affairs (quotes Uwe Reinhardt)
CounterPunch (quotes Martin Gilens) (quotes Julian Zelizer) (cites the Roots program, created by Betsy Levy-Paluck)
The New York Times (quotes Timothy Searchinger)
Bloomberg (quotes Timothy Searchinger)
CBS News (quotes Timothy Searchinger)
Thomson Reuters Foundation (quotes Timothy Searchinger)
Wall Street Journal (quotes Alan Blinder) (quotes Daniel Kurtzer) (quotes Daniel Kurtzer)
Foreign Policy (quotes Daniel Kurtzer) (quotes Daniel Kurtzer)
New York Magazine (quotes Eldar Shafir)
San Diego CityBEAT (quotes Alan Krueger)
The Times of Israel (quotes Daniel Kurtzer)
Standard-Examiner (quotes Betsy Levy-Paluck)
The New York Times (quotes Nolan McCarty)
Communities Digital News (quotes Sara McLanahan)
Forbes (quotes Alan Krueger)
Town Hall (quotes Alan Krueger)
Washington Post (quotes Betsy Levy-Paluck)
Yahoo News (quotes Julian Zelizer)
Chicago Tribune (quotes Julian Zelizer)
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (quotes Alan Krueger)
PolitiFact (quotes Alan Krueger)
MarketWatch (quotes Alan Krueger)
The Daily Star-Journal (quotes Alan Krueger)
FRONTLINE (quotes Michael Oppenheimer)
Businessweek (quotes Elizabeth Armstrong)
Carnegie Europe (quotes Andrew Moravcsik) (quotes Julian Zelizer)
Bloomberg (quotes Julian Zelizer)
San Francisco Examiner (quotes Alan Krueger)
WHYY (quotes Cecilia Rouse)
CNN (quotes (Julian Zelizer)
San Francisco Examiner (quotes Alan Krueger)
Business Standard 
Deccan Herald (cites Gary Bass)
Stroud News and Journal (quotes Alan Blinder)
Bloomberg (quotes Markus Brunnermeier)