Honors Class of 2023

Honors are awarded at graduation by all departments of concentration. Departments determine honors on the basis of the grades received by the student in departmental studies, including junior independent work, the senior thesis, and, for students in the bachelor's degree program, the senior departmental examination. Each department chooses the weight to be assigned to the various components in the honors calculation. The degree may be awarded with honors, high honors, or highest honors.

Honors in the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs are awarded based upon a ranking of all concentrators according to a weighted average of grades. Note, an individual course may be included only once in the calculation and students may not select a course for which a PDF option was chosen.

Our Honors information session will be held on Wednesday, February 15, 2023 @ 12:30pm in Robertson Hall, Bowl 016. You can find a recording of the session here.

The Honors Designation form is due by 11:59pm on Wednesday, March 22.

  • Five graded courses — 53%
    • At least three core courses
    • Research Seminar (SPI 403 if taken in the Fall or SPI 404 if taken in the Spring)
    • Remaining course drawn from Departmental Electives (student choice)
  • JP (from either semester) — 10%
  • JP (second JP) or elective — 7%
    • Students can select from either their second JP or a departmental elective
  • Senior Thesis — 25%
  • Senior Comprehensive Exam — 5%