Honors Class of 2021

Honors are awarded at graduation by all departments of concentration. Departments determine honors on the basis of the grades received by the student in departmental studies, including junior independent work, the senior thesis, and, for students in the bachelor's degree program, the senior departmental examination. Each department chooses the weight to be assigned to the various components in the honors calculation. The degree may be awarded with honors, high honors, or highest honors.

Honors in the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs are awarded based upon a ranking of all concentrators according to a weighted average of grades as follows:

  • Departmental Courses — The departmental courses counted for honors must include:
    • Five courses used to meet the core requirements—microeconomics, politics, science policy, ethics, and sociology or psychology
    • One policy research seminar course.
  • Policy Task Force
  • Policy Research Seminar JP
  • Senior Thesis
  • Senior Comprehensive Exam (Oral)