Faculty Awards & Recognition

Roland Benabou
Roland J. Bénabou

2021 Jean-Jacques Laffont Prize, Toulouse School of Economics

Anne C. Case

2021 Distinguished Fellow, American Economic Association

14th Matilda White Riley Behavioral and Social Sciences Honors, National Institutes of Health

Susan T. Fiske
Susan T. Fiske

Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Social Sciences, BBVA Foundation

40 Women in Science, Engineering, and Medicine Exhibit, National Academy of Sciences

Alexander Glaser

Fellow, American Physical Society

Patricia A. Kirkland

Kenneth A. Shepsle Prize, Journal of Political Institutions and Political Economy — “Mayoral Candidates, Social Class, and Representation in American Cities”

Melissa Lee
Melissa M. Lee

2020 Best Article Prize Award, European Politics and Society, American Political Science Association — “Literacy and State–Society Interactions in Nineteenth-Century France”

Zhao Li
Zhao Li

Jack Walker Award, Political Organizations and Parties, American Political Science Association — “How Internal Constraints Shape Interest Group Activities: Evidence from Access-Seeking PACS”

Douglas S. Massey

2020-21 Visiting Scholar, Phi Beta Kappa Society

Denise L. Mauzerall
Denise L. Mauzerall

Executive Advisory Board, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies

Founding Co-Editor-in-Chief, Sustainable Horizons

Helen Milner
Helen V. Milner

President, 2020-21 International Studies Association

Eduardo Morales

19th Banco Sabadell Foundation Award for Economic Research

Christopher A. Neilson

2021 Sloan Research Fellow, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Pietro Ortoleva

2020 Social Choice and Welfare Prize, Society for Social Choice and Welfare

Elizabeth Levy Paluck

Cialdini Prize for Field Research, Society for Personality and Social Psychology — “Participatory Practices at Work Change Attitudes and Behavior Toward Societal Authority and Justice”

Stephen J. Redding

Fellow, Econometric Society

Marta Tienda
Marta Tienda

President, American Academy of Political and Social Science

Rory Truex

President’s Award for Distinguished Teaching

Keith A. Wailoo

2021 Dan David Prize Laureate

Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Deborah J. Yashar
Deborah J. Yashar

Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Julian E. Zelizer

Presidential Appointee, Brandeis University Alumni Association