Reimagining Robertson

The 2020 completion of the “Reimagining Robertson” project brought the culmination of two years of updates and renovations in our flagship building on Princeton’s campus.

In 2015, responses to a self-study from faculty and students revealed a desire for a more collaborative, efficient environment for teaching, learning, and research. As a result of these needs and a number of other goals — including improving the building’s acoustics, thermal comfort, and directional signage; demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and the health and well-being of our community; and ensuring that gathering spaces are durable and flexible — the Reimagining Robertson project was launched.

Newly created student huddle rooms feature wall-mounted monitors, allowing students to collaborate on projects or study in small groups. The upper levels feature modern conference and meeting rooms, a newly created rear exit to Arthur Lewis Auditorium, and redesigned main building entrances to Dodds Atrium. To improve hybrid teaching and learning, AV equipment has been upgraded. The Reimagining Robertson renovations also brought new paint, carpeting, and furniture throughout the building.

The redesigned Robertson Hall provides a highly collaborative environment that respects the building’s unique architectural heritage while meeting our community’s current and future needs.

Robertson Hall Improvements
New Features


Wall-Mounted Monitors

Thermal Comfort

Modern Conference Rooms


New Rear Exit to Arthur Lewis Auditorium

Flexible, Durable Spaces

Redesigned Main Entrance


AV Equipment


New Paint, Carpeting, Furniture


Operable Windows