(Alumni Panel) Keeping the Lights On: Global Energy and Macroeconomic Policy

JRCPPF Alumni Panel
Date & Time May 24 2024 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Amy Myers Jaffe ’80
Helima Croft *01
Edward Morse *69
Audience Restricted to Princeton University

Join us for a discussion on the current state of global commodity markets, the energy transition, and energy policy going forward in the face of macroeconomic challenges. 

Our speakers include:

  • Helima Croft *01, Head of Commodity Strategy and MENA Research at RBC. Member of the National Petroleum Council, Life Member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and CNBC Contributor
  • Amy Myers Jaffe ’80, Professor and Director of the Energy, Climate, and Sustainable Justice Lab at NYU. Co-Chair of the Women in Energy Initiative at Columbia University and former Senior Advisor on Sustainability to the Chief Investment Officer of the University of California Regents.
  • Edward Morse *69, Special Advisor at Hartree Partners. Previously served as Global Head of Commodities Research at Citi and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Policy

Moderator: Abhiram Karuppur ’19, Harvard Business School 

Organized by the JRCPPF Alumni Forum. Sponsored by the Julis-Rabinowitz Center for Public Policy & Finance (JRCPPF) and the Center for Research on Energy and the Environment (CPREE).